Inner-city Job Fair

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(WDEF)- Chattanooga’s economy produces a number of new jobs every month. That’s why we hear about so many job fairs, but not everybody can benefit from a job fair, especially if they can’t even get where it’s being held. The Bethlehem center staged an event today aimed at folks with some special issues to overcome in Chattanooga.

“Its giving people access to jobs that don’t have regular our community is located on the bus line and a lot of the job fairs across the city are great, however if they’re not on the bus lines certain types of residents or people with vehicle restrictions aren’t able to make it,” said Gloria Dubose.

Holding a job and getting back into the mainstream sometimes is as simple as helping the person get there.
That’s one of the unusual aspects of this job fair at the Bethlehem center.

“We want them to know that they are able and that they are able to go out and get good jobs, want to raise their confidence and let them know that they can go out and make something of themselves. A new job will help them do that,” said Shari Watson.

Karen Nichols with a program called Partnership Building Stable Lives is offering extra assistance.

“..and another great part of the Building a Stable Life program is that she’s able to sit down with people and if they have a job, you can give them a 30-day bus pass if they live within the 37410 zip code…so that they have transportation for the first month while they’re waiting on their first two paychecks to kick in.”

“I guess its important because most people like don’t have jobs ..Stay in those areas,,and don’t know how to catch a bus.”

“Instead of just going to any website and putting in an application and not hearing anything, you have people out here who are actually looking for employees.”

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