Inside look at Enterprise South Nature Park’s vaccine site

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “What we do versus we get them settled safely and their parking space. It’s different for most people to have a drive-through experience for vaccines,” said RN Donna Needham.

She said it’s a different type of experience, but the staff is adjusting well.

“In nursing school, I learned many things, directing traffic was not one of those. But it’s been fun. People seem very excited to be here they’re very appreciative to be able to get this vaccine,” said Needham.

Wednesday, there were over 1,200 appointments. Site manager Lisa Vincent said with so many people driving thru it takes a coordinated effort.

“We wanna make sure everybody working has the knowledge and the tools to do their part,” said Vincent.

The traffic pattern begins with Nathan Gross, whose team makes sure everyone has the proper paperwork filled out.

“Ideally we want to keep within that threshold within that 30 minutes and get them through as quickly as possible,” said Gross.

Throughout the day, syringes are being filled and the team makes sure no vaccines expire.

“Interesting thing with Pfizer is once we pop the top on that vile, we have six hours to use it. Since we’re kind of a little bit spaced out from the vaccination tent, we have a utility vehicle that has these temperature control containers. So we stack them in there and our runner runs them to the vaccine site and they go to our vaccination leads, who gets them to the tables to get the shots in the arms,” said RN and Vaccine prep lead Lauren Bosika.

Finally, people are given their vaccines, then wait 20 to 30 minutes to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

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