Jager will replace beloved Bradley K9 officer, Lucy

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Bradley County Sheriff’s Department has added a new K-9 officer to replace Lucy.

Back in the summer, Lucy got out of her pin and was hit by a train.

Now her handler, Deputy Chris Shope, has a new partner.

He is a Dutch Shepherd named Jager.

He is certified to track, search buildings, detect drugs and take down bad guys.

Deputy Chris Shope says “Jäger is trained to locate five
main odors of illegal narcotics that include methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine,
heroine, and ecstasy.”

The team spent six weeks together training.

“It’s been challenging over the past few months for my family and I
while dealing with Lucy’s sudden death. Lucy will always have a special place in my
heart, but I’m delighted to have an opportunity to continue being a K-9 Handler at
Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. Although Lucy and Jäger are two completely different
dogs, they both share the same quality – a committed partner.”

Sheriff Eric Watson stated, “I’m grateful Deputy Chris Shope has made the decision to
continue with our agency as a K-9 Handler. Although Lucy can never be replaced, Patrol
Deputy Chris Shope and K-9 Deputy Jäger have already proven to be a great team during
their many weeks of training. I’m confident our agency has acquired a top-quality K-9
that will be a great asset to the sheriff’s office, and his skills will continue to progress
while training with Chattanooga Police Department’s K-9 Unit.”

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