James Mahon Reports: Kurdish Independence

University of Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan’s modern campus has 25,000 students, many are hoping to have the chance in their lifetimes to vote for an independent Kurdistan.

”Improve our situation inside Kurdistan, get our independence, we are going to hold referendum in the later of this year”.

While a vote this year seems optimistic others feel it will happen in the coming years.

Not every student is eager to see 5 millions Kurds running their own country.

”I don’t believe in independent Kurdistan because of the bad political situation in Kurdistan and about the future, I have hope but it’s not very well, I hope we get a better country and better situation of everything”.

Many of the concerns lie around infrastructure with students wanting 24 hour electricity, air conditioning and WIFI as well as greater access to visas to travel outside of their region.

Kurdish Sociologist Surin has a more cautious view.

”I do believe that we should be ready for this, because it is a difficult decision, we should make the decision with preparation for this step”.

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