Jasper Highlands Announces Winners of the Fire Truck Naming Contest

JASPER, Tenn. (WDEF) – After several days of online competition John “Thunder” Thornton, owner and developer of Jasper Highlands, is pleased to announce the winning schools for their fire truck naming contest.

Jasper Elementary School took home the grand prize of $10,000 for their fire truck name submission of ‘General Neyland’, in honor of the late University of Tennessee Coach Robert Neyland.

Richard Hardy Elementary School came in second place with the name ‘Big Squirt,’ which won them a $7,500 check. And, due to a tie, third place was awarded to two different schools who both submitted the name ‘Ole’ Smokey,’ leaving both schools with a check for $2,500 each.

General Neyland received nearly 3,000 votes online, which were collected over a period of just five days. “We knew that we would definitely be competitive, because that’s who we are at Jasper Elementary,” said Principal Kimberly Shurett, ” We knew that we would take the task to heart, because who wouldn’t want $10,000?”

And when it comes to spending the money, Principal Shurett said they’re taking it all back to Facebook, “We’re going to ask our community since they helped us win by voting. We’re going to ask our community, what is it  that you’d like to see us do with the money?”

News 12 was also told one student has already came up with a suggestion, which includes buying a giant trampoline for the entire school. 🙂

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