Joanne Favors “excited” about NTSB recommendation for school bus seat belts

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Joanne Favors “excited” about NTSB recommendation that essentially cosigned her continued efforts for school bus seat belts following Woodmore crash.

Joanne Favors says, “Every child that has been born since the 70’s has been exposed to a child restraint system. At birth they can’t be dismissed from the hospital without having one.”

Joanne Favors took the school bus seatbelt bill to the floor for its 3rd attempt this year and it didn’t receive the support needed to make it law.

Now, the National Transportation Safety Board made a recommendation that ALL school buses should have them.

Joanne Favors says, “I was just ecstatic about that because this has been something that I was very passionate about and there is a plethora of data to substantiate the need for child restraints and I was very disappointed that we could not get that through.”

Joanne Favors says that her invitation to hearing where they made this recommendation, shows that all her work worth it.

“It had to be a national mandate so I am hoping that this will fly in Congress and someone will take up the banner to Congress and this will be a national law that’s enacted,” says Favors.

The NTSB cited the school district for lack of follow-up on driver complaints.

And as a parent himself, Hamilton County School Superintendent agrees that safety has always been their goal and its an evolving process.

Dr. Johnson says, “We will look deeply at the report and see what areas and opportunities are there for us to learn. There have been many things that have been identified within the system from going back to look at at training, tip line with you and specifically in this budget cycle we have created a role that will deal with the compliance component.”

Favors says this should always light a fire under anyone running for election.

Favors believes,  “Hopefully enough people will see the need to do this that this will be one of the questions that we will ask those who are running for Congress” and “for those who were opposed to it because of the cost I just cannot understand how they could come up with that number.”

Johnson says, “I think it something that has an impact. That nationwide recommendation was a bride recommendation and it’s a conversation that I’m sure the districts across the nation will have.”

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