Josh Rosen jerseys at Arizona Nike store are 60 percent off amid Kyler Murray rumors

The Kyler Murray Hype Train is absolutely off the rails right now, and it’s hurtling straight for Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. Murray is now the prized quarterback of this draft, and with Kliff Kingsbury taking over the reigns in Arizona, it seems predestined for the Cardinals to take Murray at No. 1. But there’s one problem. They selected Josh Rosen in the first round last season and he was starting under center by Week 4.

Even with the Rosen pick fresh in everyone’s mind, CBS Sports now has Murray going first overall to the Cardinals in our latest mock draft — but not before trading Rosen.

The Cardinals have a lot of leverage with the first overall pick, particularly in a sparse draft for teams that need quarterback help. But one Nike store in Arizona is hedging its bets on the Cardinals standing firm and picking Rosen first overall, slashing its price for Rosen jerseys by 60 percent to $40 from $100.

Now it’s worth noting: This is a Nike Clearance Store in the Arizona Mills Mall, which usually means that there’s some kind of minor defect that landed apparel there. However, jerseys are usually a rare sight at these outlets, and price slashes like this are usually reserved for a player on his way out of town.

Rosen is reportedly being shopped by the Cardinals, so there may be something to this speculation. However, it’s going to be really awkward if Rosen ends up staying and a bunch of folks are wearing their discount Rosen jerseys to University of Phoenix Stadium next year.

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