Judge says sentence ensures that a rapist will never abuse another woman

CHATSWORTH, Georgia (WDEF) – A former detention officer in Murray County has been sentenced to life behind bars.

29 year old Kirk Taylor Martin was arrested in March on charges of raping, assaulting and holding his ex-girlfriend hostage in her home.

Martin had been fired from his job at the jail the year before.

And the victim had just kicked him out of her apartment.

But he still had a key and broke in, holding her captive until the next day.

However, the mug shot showed the marks left when the victim fought back.

Three weeks ago, a jury found him guilty of rape, aggravated sexual battery (3 counts), aggravated sodomy, aggravated assault by strangulation (2 counts) and aggravated assault with the intent to rape.

Friday morning, Judge Cindy Morris sentenced Martin to five life sentences, to be served consecutively, including one with no possibility of parole.  And she added 20 years for good measure.

The GBI got a confession out of Martin, who told them he found a gun in the home and considered killing himself.

But the harsh sentence was probably due to three other women who testified at his trial.

They came forward after news coverage of his arrest to say he had also sexually assaulted them, but they never reported the incidents.

“The District Attorney’s Office would like to commend these three women for having the courage to face their abuser and to testify before a jury concerning the most traumatic and embarrassing moments of their lives.  These women are heroes for facing their fears and doing what needed to be done to hold Martin accountable and to protect future victims.”

Judge Morris stated from the bench that her sentence would make sure that Martin would never abuse another woman.


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