Juneteenth Demonstrations on the Walnut St. Bridge

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas, as well as the Divine Nine, hosted a Juneteenth demonstration on the Walnut bridge Friday night.

News 12 captured the sights and sounds of the event and organizers explain the significance of the Juneteenth holiday.
“The purpose of why we’re here is very simple” said one of the keynote speakers. “It’s simply to celebrate our heritage. Celebrate Juneteenth.”

“Although President Lincoln did an executive order in 1853, it was two and a half years before the final slaves in Galveston Texas found out that they were also free” said organizer Ricardo Morris.

“400 years ago the first slaves came to our country and since then it has been a constant movement for freedom in our country” said Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

“As believers, hate is and should be something that we stand against.”

“Since we are not able to do our full seven day festival that we would normally do, we are planning to have a socially distance demonstration with 155 of the red black and green flags that stands for and represents the solidarity of black People globally” said Morris.

“But we’re here lord to see a change take place” said one keynote speaker.

“The number one thing that we are trying to do is definitely educate people about what Juneteenth is and what it means. At this particular juncture and this particular year, we’re looking at a huge revolution that’s already started against racism and against police brutality. So as we start to continue to march and protest against that we wanted to make sure that Juneteenth was a part of that demonstration” said Morris.

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