Jurors Selected in Tony Bigoms Murder Trial

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Tony Bigoms sat with ease as potential jurors were questioned Tuesday afternoon.

He’s accused of murdering Dana Wilkes, 48, in November of 2012.

Chattanooga Police believe Bigoms then dismembered her body, and tossed it near the corner of Youngstown Road and Lightfoot Mill Road.

Dana’s sister, Amy Yates, says, "She would not miss work."

Yates reached out to us when Dana left her home unlocked and without her insulin.

Yates adds, "That’s the one thing, if she went a couple of days without talking to us, I can understand that, but she would not miss work."

Dana worked at a dialysis clinic off 3rd street for more than a decade.

Instead of family members finding her vehicle there, they found it two blocks from her home on Wilcox Boulevard.

Yates says, "We’re praying, we ask that everyone pray."

Yates said the same thing to me by phone late Tuesday afternoon, now almost two years later.

The family is praying for justice, a conviction, and they believe the right man is standing trial.

Yates tells us she’ll be in court Wednesday as both sides argue their case.

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