Jury convicts repeat meth dealer, again

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – 35 year old Shane Allen Wheat faces a possible life sentence without parole after his 6th criminal conviction, mostly for selling drugs.

He served just over two years (and was still on probation) for his last meth selling conviction in 2015.

This time, he was convicted of trafficking meth, gun charges and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

The case began when officers tried to serve a warrant on him from Murray County in 2017 and he fled.

Officers ran him down. They found some meth on him.

But they found a lot more in his vehicle… a box with digital scales & 77 grams of meth. That’s almost 3 times the minimum amount to charge a suspect with trafficking.

The trial had it’s own amount of drama.

The day before jury selection began, officers learned that Wheat called a witness from jail to threaten them.

The witness didn’t show in court, but officers went out to get him or her.

The witness told jurors that the box in the vehicle belonged to Wheat, and then prosecutors played a recording of the threatening phone call.

Once Wheat was convicted on the drug charges, the judge told the jurors their work wasn’t done yet.

Since they could not bring up his criminal convictions in the drug trial, prosecutors waited until after the verdict to press two new gun charges.

Police also found two handguns in the vehicle, which were illegal for a convicted felon.

Wheat was also convicted for those.

His criminal history includes:

2001  Theft in Murray County

2003  Meth possession in Murray County

2007  Meth trafficking in Gwinnett County

2011  Possession of meth in Murray County

2015  Intent to distribute meth in Whitfield County

Wheat will be sentenced on May 17th.


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