Juvenile Justice Task Force

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The state of Tennessee is trying to make sure young people who get in trouble, don’t end up as career criminals.

A Juvenile Justice Task Force is about to present its findings to the Governor.

Depending on those recommendations, and the costs, the Tennessee Legislature will decide what can be done.

Senator Bo Watson says the bottom line is to find the right balance between rehabilitation and punishment.

Watson says state also wants to find ways to make sure young people don’t end up in jails, and prisons for life.

“The public expects, and puts into law, what they expect when someone violates the law. And they expect those requirements to be met, so there is a delicate balance between the punishment and the rehabilitation. But, but what we know is that too many youth are becoming repeat offenders. We’re creating too many long term criminals, and we need to correct that.”

Senator Watson says providing a good education, and economic opportunities can help keep young people on the right path.

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