Kennel Cough Awareness During the Holidays from a Local Vet

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF): Just like humans, dogs can get colds too.

Kennel cough cases typically rise during the holiday months as more dogs are boarded up.

“It definitely started with a cough. It almost sounded like he was trying to get something out of his throat like out of his stomach….and that was definitely our first warning sign.”

Reid, dog owner to Ralph, says his dog got kennel cough despite having the bordetella vaccine.

“Ralph loved going to the dog parks, we used to take him at least once a day, and that’s where he would get most of his good exercise.”

Dr. Pullen, a veterinarian at VCSG says the Bordetella vaccine, often known as the kennel cough vaccine, is beneficial.

But, it doesn’t protect against all kinds of kennel cough.

“It actually has a wide range of both viral and bacterial causes and that’s one of the things that often times makes it more difficult because it’s not just the bordetella.”

Dr. Pullen says the most common sign of kennel cough is a dry hacking cough.

The veterinarian says depending on the agent, kennel cough can be very contagious especially in close environments and little ventilation.

“Most of the agents are susceptible to cleaning protocals. But, it can persist in the environment for 24 – 48 hours again depending on the agent.”

Dr. Pullen continues, “Maintaining good health is a big part of it, maintaining active vaccination status is beneficial. Again, vaccines are not a hundred percent effective, but it helps decrease complications from it.”

Dr. Pullen says if the dog has the cough to keep the dog isolated and away for pets for around 10 days.

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