Kerry Steelman has been Fired

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Hamilton County Election Commission voted in favor of firing Administrator of Elections Kerry Steelman.

“It would probably be best for Kerry and the election commission that we end his employment” said Chair Commissioner Michael Walden.

Members of the commission said the reports against Steelman is a lingering issue and could possibly jeopardize morale in the office as the Presidential election is approaching.

“That report which they’re relying upon to terminate him had no supporting documents, no supporting statements and no supporting affidavits” said Steelman’s attorney, Harry Burnette.

Burnette says one of the complaints that stood out in the report was the mistreatment of blacks within the office but Steelman has been more than fair during his six year tenure, “During that period of time there are four people he hired: three women, one man. The three women, one of them was Latino, one of them was Black, and one of them was White.”

Following his call for the election commission to be investigated, Representative Yusuf Hakeem attended the meeting where Steelman was fired and he said more concerns have been raised.

“What I saw today was not cohesiveness between the perspective of county government and that of the election commission in regards to the H-R report” said Rep. Hakeem.

Burnette questions the timing of that Human Resources report.

“The H-R investigation happened immediately after he wrote up employees for not doing their job. The person who is now going to be running the department is one of the three people that got written up.”

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