Korean War POW Finally Comes Homes

Chattanooga & Jasper, TN – (WDEF) The remains of P-F-C Lotchie John Ray Jones returned to Tennessee on Wednesday.
That’s after he perished during the Korean War 65 years ago.
Chief Photographer David Moore takes us to a funeral that’s long overdue.

I want to thank everybody for coming out today. Paying tribute on this special day for my uncle.
Thank you so much for your all your deepest sympathies, your heart felt emotions, and paying
your respects to my uncle.

PFC Latchey John Ray Jones, he is my name sake. And I love my family, I love my country.
And thank you again, I can’t thank anybody or anyone enough today, to express the feelings
that I have had over the last three days.

February the 6th, that we realized our boy is coming home. Thank the Lord he’s coming home.

As you see the stone, Latchie John Ray Jones. He was awarded the post mortum Purple Heart.
He was considered P.O.W., and confirmed in camp 5, in North Korea.

He is home at last, and my family is so thankful for everything that the US Army has done for
us in confirming the identity of PFC Jones.

21 gun salute

Please do not ever forget this day, or any day or any veteran. I can not express enough gratitude
from my family; my Uncle Jonesy and Aunt Mamy Lou.

I leave you with two words… never forget.

Jones was captured in a prisoner of war camp.
His remains were incorrectly identified and buried in Hawaii all those years ago.

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