LaFayette Police Involved After Teens Overdose On Antipsychotic Meds

LAFAYETTE, GA, (WDEF)-A house party at Yester Oaks apartments in Lafayette last Thursday ended up with police officers and medical teams getting involved after multiple drug overdoses.

Captain Stacey Meeks, LaFayette Police,"Stiffness of the neck, lock-jaw, seizures, difficulty breathing, muscle spasms"

Teens aging in range from 16 to 18 had taken at least two pills of Risperdal each, normally used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Captain Stacey Meeks says the drugs were brought to the party by a teen whose mother had been prescribed the medications.

"Prescription medication is easily attainable and its actually cheaper than buying other street narcotics"

A neighbor and mother of two feels parents need to be more vigilant with  teenagers in their community.

"What if one of my kids had gotten a hold of one of them, like they were over there with them older kids and you never know one of them could have been like try this and you know mine by smaller would not know any better and think it was candy"

The teens were released from Hutcheson over the weekend.

CADAS counselors say taking Risperdal to get a high is not something they have seen much of before but warn parents to take precautions with Halloween parties coming up this weekend.

Debbie Loudermilk, Outpatient Services CADAS,"Lock those medications up, make sure you know where they are, make sure you know what is in your cabinet,  because there is very much that adolescent mentality if it’s there lets take it and see what happens"

Investigators tell News 12 there have already been three drug related deaths in LaFayette this year.

It is currently an active investigation with possible charges pending.

     The  CDC say more than 100 people in the US die every day from a prescription drug overdose, with a recent sharp rise in the number of children being hospitalized in Kentucky, Louisiana and Florida.

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