A look at storm damage on Lakeshore Drive and Harrison

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – At the height of the first storm just after 2 p.m. there were dozens of reports of trees and power lines down in the Harrison area.

On the other side of the lake, this home at 7200 Lakeshore Dr. was heavily damaged when a tree blew over and first reports were that a family was trapped inside.

They weren’t trapped..they were just using common sense and avoiding power lines.

Juduth Polowski told us “We kept hearing big storms like a really crashing of thunder and a lighting and everything, and my dog, I was trying to pull my dog because he was scared. I closed the back door and all of a sudden I heard a big crash come in my daughter said, “It happened, It happened!!” She screamed from downstairs she started to go down, I don’t know what she was. I’ve just seen it now for the first time from the front, it’s really pretty awful.”

No one was hurt in their house.

Police, the Hamilton county sheriff’s office, EMA personnel and EPB had numerous crews in that area of the county.

Gary Crowley lives off Lakeshore.

“I was home and we got a big limb in our back yard that the wife said that she heard it hit the roof and I haven’t had a chance to look and see what kind of damage it did, but we have a lot of trees around here.”

Nearby..another neighbor, Jimmy Lail, was just getting a look at the damage to his home.

“I’ve just got a tree on the corner of the house, it hit the front porch and the corner of the roof, and that’s about all I can tell right now, I haven’t gotten up on the roof to look at it. Don’t want to.”

The Electric Power Board reports significant outages throughout Hamilton County.

Harrison and the Highway 58 area got the worst of it, but damage was also reported on Signal Mountain, Red Bank, East Ridge, Hixson, and Tyner —all with Moderate outages.

In Harrison, Ashley Henderson, News 12 now.

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