What we learned from the Hamilton Co. Coronavirus Update

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Hamilton County leaders updated us this afternoon about preparations and coping with Coronavirus fears.

Here is what we learned:


There are NO confirmed cases in Hamilton County, regardless of what you hear.  The state did test one person from here, but it came back negative.  Local health officials are monitoring two people who have returned from Italy, but they show no symptoms at this time.  They do add that there is a 24-48 hour delay from the time a test is taken to getting the results.  But they say we WILL have cases here at some point.


As we previously posted, Hamilton County schools will return on Friday, then take a 2 week break.  They hope the School Board will approved moving up Spring Break to cover the second week.  IF they do, and IF they are able to resume classes in two weeks, they will NOT have to make up the days (they still have 5 snow days banked).


Health officials gave the usual tips of handwashing and avoiding facial contact and crowds.  But they also say when we are out in public, try to keep six feet away from others when possible.

Also, they urge us to prepare now for being sick.  That means make sure you have enough food at home for several days.  And prepare a “sick” room at your house where you won’t infect the rest of the family.


Hospital officials says they are still open for serious healthcare needs like chemo or other treatments.  They are not shut down over the virus.  However, people with concerns about the virus should contact their doctor first.  HOSPITALS ARE NOT TESTING PEOPLE FOR COVID-19. Doctors offices are coordinating with labs for those.

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