Lee University COVID-19 Exposures: Response and Reaction

After Lee university discovered positive cases of Coronavirus on campus -particularly in Medlin Hall- University President Mark Walker released a video to students and faculty.

“Out of 122 residents of Medline Hall, there are only four positive cases as of last night and nine that have been in quarantine due to close contact. These are very small percentages.”

President Walker credits those small percentages on the institution’s trust in their faith as well as their blueprint plan for reopening and responding to Covid.

“We put together a Covid 19 task force all the way back up to March which included faculty, key people from every sector of the university coming together regular pulling as much information as possible to say ‘okay this is what we have to do.'”

News 12 had a chance to speak with students and they tell us about their on campus experience.

“For the most part everybody wears their mask all the time and you don’t really see anybody like not following the rules. So I think they’ve been handling it pretty well.” says one student.

“I feel semi-comfortable. Lee isn’t requiring people to wear mask while sitting down in class. So that’s a little uncomfortable. I keep my mask on and some people do but most people don’t” says Mckenna Hayman on her way to class.

Noelle Allgood says she prefers in class learning, “The corona thing definitely effects me because I’m Immunol compromised but I think for my learning style I’m definitely better in person.”

“We can only have a certain amount of people in the room at one time. Classes are very small and then you also have people on Zoom at the same time so the teachers try to juggle us and online” says J.T. Atkins.

“All of our classes the students have assigned seating. So if a student tests positive, we know exactly where they were seated and we know exactly who was around them. Our classrooms are set up in such a way that we have them social distanced so we shouldn’t a contract tracing issue” says President Walker.

President Walker says all four floors of Medlin Hall were disinfected and deep cleaned.

There are currently 14 positive cases on campus out of 34 hundred plus students and employees.

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