Lee University nursing students get practical experience in drill

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Lee University School of Nursing conducted a mass casualty emergency drill to prepare them for real world, high stress situations.

On Wednesday, at Lee University’s School of Nursing it seemed like there was an emergency going on. Inside patients were being treating. It is not real though. It is part of their active shooter mass casualty drill to help nursing students prepare for life after school.

“This is how you would conduct yourself, this is how you would go through the processes and procedures. It familiarizes them with all of these things and they are not as taken aback by something and they are prepared when they go into their full time role once they graduate from the university,” said Bethany McCoy, the Lee University Assistant Director of Community Relations.

Organizers say they tried to make this experience as realistic as possible.

“Nothing fake here, right. We want the blood we want the guts. We want everything that they would see in a real situation and then have to react accordingly,” said Shannon McBrayer, the professional practice coordinator at Lee University.

Nursing students say they are glad they got to take part.

“It is awesome because the simulation that we are kind of going through can happen anytime, anywhere so it is just awesome to be prepared for that kind of situation that kind of emergency. Having lots of patients coming in and knowing what to do,” said Amy Mitchell, a nursing student.

Alex Miller, a nursing student, says she was meant to be a nurse.

“My entire life I have always wanted to help people,” Miller said.

Doing drills like this confirms that.

“It helps because you are able to use the skills that you learn in class to be able to help somebody and hopefully save their life,” Miller said.

This is the second time Lee University nursing students have participated in a drill. The first one was a hydrochloric acid spill.

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