Lee’s legal appeal to run for Ringgold Mayor is denied

RINGGOLD, Georgia(WDEF) – Pro-wrestler and actor Paul Lee walked into a Catoosa County court room with hope that judge Brian House would accept his appeal but left the room disappointed.

Judge House denied Lee’s appeal to run for Ringgold city mayor; an appeal that was after city leaders determined Lee was ineligible to run for city office based on his residency.

Once the courtroom cleared, Lee let it be know to reporters that he was not happy about the outcome.

"You got a kangaroo court here where they want to do what they want to do and they don’t care for the citizens," Lee said.

Lee filed for an appeal more than a week ago after city leaders ruled he was ineligible to run for city office based on his residency. Lee owns a home in Ringgold and a home out in the county. City leaders claimed Lee didn’t physically live in his Ringgold home longer than 12 months which is a requirement to run for city office. Judge House agreed with the city’s decision.

But this is far from over because Lee is looking to get back the thousands of dollars he spent on his campaign.

"I’m filing a lawsuit against the city for my money back. They failed. Once again if they are going to take my money and qualify me to run for something before I spent my money; after I went to them three different times and asked them if I qualify and then change everything on me; I got a problem with that. And I’ll take them to court," Lee said.

Lee is also vowing to make a comeback during the next city election cycle.

"In four more years, look for my signs to be up because who ever is the mayor, I’m facing you."

City leaders are refusing to talk because Lee has threatened a lawsuit.

The Mayoral election is November 3.

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