Life as Looie the Lookout is Entertaining and Rewarding

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Looie the Lookout made national headlines last week when his costume was stolen.
Luckily, Looie is safely back home with the Chattanooga Lookouts.
Looie has been the Lookouts mascot for nearly 30-years.
Performer Zach Langley gives us a glimpse of life as Looie.

To be Looie, you’ve got to get inside his head.
Said Langley:”Well it’s a plastic head on the inside. It’s made of plastic with the red fur on the outside. Inside it’s got a helmet. A hockey helmet bracketed on three points. It’s extremely heavy. Probably about 10 or 15 pounds. By the end of the night, my neck is usually pretty sore.”
Looie has to keep his big red head on a swivel anytime he gets near the visitors dugout.
Said Langley:”All the visiting teams always make a point to throw their cups of water on Looie and our vehicle. I always end up soaked most of the time. The gloves are weird. They’re only four fingers. So my hand is like that with the glove. It took me about a month or two to finally get the signature down. Looie has a specific signature. We had to practice it. There will be times I go to a restaurant. When I sign a receipt, Looie’s name will end up on the receipt rather than my own name. I actually don’t know how to dance. I’m one of the worst dancers there is. So when Looie dances, I’m pulling out my cheesiest dance moves.”
Looie has battled Darth Vader, and he has literally felt the force.
Said Langley:”Of course we have our helicopter entrance we do every few years or so. I believe it was actually the first time I ever did that. The pilot decided to see how many positive G’s we could pull in the helicopter, while we were circling for our clearance to land. I had the game ball in my hand. I dropped it from all the G-force. It started rolling around the cabin. Everyone is scattered around trying to pick up the ball before we land. It was quite the show.”
Show business is how Looie rolls, but what makes Looie so lovable?
Said Langley:”Just his appearance. His friendly face. Kids love it. They love to run up and hug Looie. That’s what a mascot is all about. It’s the kids. Making the kids happy. Something the kids can relate to. If the kids are having fun, that means the mascot and myself are doing my job right.”

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