Living Condition Concerns at Silverdale

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- The living conditions for prisoners have been called into question following the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office transition to the Silverdale Detention Center in December.

 “There was a lot of issues that had to be covered” said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

 Issues that were left behind by Silverdale’s previous owner, Core Civic, according to Sheriff Hammond, “There’s a number of repairs that had to be made including plumbing, roofing, equipment that was broken.”

One inmate’s tells News 12 about her experience in Silverdale, “It’s inhumane. I had a miscarriage in here and no one has taken me to the hospital.”

 Sheriff Hammond insists the jail has a high standard health program.

 “We have three different places within the facility where prisoners are brought to deal with any health needs to be taken care of” said Sheriff Hammond.

 The inmate also says meals are being denied, “We’re not getting enough meals. Not enough food.”

 “First of all we don’t deny meals. We are obligated by the state to have a menu that’s posted each month. It tells us the number of calories that we must feed the prisoners.”

 Sheriff Hammond says the jail has a system to handle inmate concerns. 

“We have a grievance process in place where any inmate can drop into a box in each unit, what their complaint is. Whether it be a medical complaint or some other complaint.”

“We have put in grievance after grievance here and they’ve done nothing about it.”

 Sheriff Hammond says the root of many of the issues by prisoners here are due to discipline problems and misconduct.


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