Local Animal Shelters head south ahead of the tropical storms

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – As residents of Louisiana prepare for the wrath of Tropical Storms Marco and Laura, some organizations in our viewing area are already helping those in need. 

Animal Shelters like Mckamey Animal Center and the Humane Society headed south on Sunday- ahead of Tropical Storm Marco to help rescue animals that could be in the storm’s path.

Many parishes in Louisiana have been ordered to evacuate, meaning animal shelters must too.

Mckamey Animal Center says that although they are at capacity here in Chattanooga,  they helped rescue 18 dogs and 15 cats from Mississippi.

“We don’t say no. The reason why we don’t say no is because number 1 we want to help but number 2 because we know chattanooga steps up. Without fail when Mckamey Animal Center has had to run to a Hurricane impacted area there has been a line out the door of people willing to adopt and foster,” says Mindy Kolin with Mckamey Animal Center. 

The Humane Society helped bring 25 dogs from Louisiana to Tennessee.

Officials say going ahead of the storm is the best way to help those shelters in need.  

.“We want to make sure there are no dogs in the shelter in the storm in case they have any damage but that also ensures that if they don’t have damage that their shelter is clear so they can help people in their area who received damage. They can help with stray dogs or displaced dogs that have owners but because of the storm have been separated from their families,” says Taylor Hixson with the Humane Educational Society.

Both shelters say that due to Covid-19, they are extremely low on funding this year and that the best way to help these animals is by donating to the shelter.

They are requesting donations in the form of food and blankets,  foster parenting and adoptions, or money. 

Both Mckamey and The Humane Society have online adoption information.

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