Local Business Owner becomes target of Gang Vandalism

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) A local business owner trying to help his community feels like his actions have put a target on his back.  


Tower Construction has been a part of the community since 1986 and works on a number of projects in the Highland Park area building HUD homes to help build up and beautify the community.


Gary Ball believes his actions and activism has made him a target for local gangs.


"Someone sent them or gave them this address, and they came over here to teach me a lesson," said Ball.


Early this morning at around 3 a.m. a Tower Construction project on Chamberlain Avenue had its door kicked in.


"I hear a thud, and it’s kind of suspicious and everything, so I thought I’d get out and take a look," said neighbor Robert Townsend.


Thanks to his call, a quick response from police kept the damages to a minimum, but things could have been much worse.


"It is a well orchestrated act of vandalism.  It’s not just a random act," said Ball.


Past projects like this one have also been targets of this type of vandalism, and Mr. Ball said if they are trying to send a message to him, he would like to send one right back.


"I’ve been here for 26 plus years in business, and I’m not going to go any place.  All they do is aggravate and agitate me more, and I’m putting more pressure on the CPD to put more patrols in the area and if that is what they want, we will be ready for them."

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