Local Business Owner Hospitalized with Covid-19

DALTON, Ga (WDEF) – Co-owner of Dalton Distillery, Raymond Butler, has been hospitalized with Covid-19 since early December.

Butler remains on a ventilator and has been placed  in a medically induced coma to help his body rest.

“It’s been 22 days in the recovery process so we think it’s going to be another 20 days. Then they may have to send him out somewhere for physical therapy and speech therapy,” says Chuck Butler, Son and Co-Owner of Dalton Distillery. 

Hospital staff say that if Raymond recovers, he will need a wheelchair to help him move around until he is strong enough to walk.

His family is working to help make Ray’s home more wheelchair friendly.

“Were going to have to change a few things where my mom and dad live. We’re going to update a few of his living areas, bathroom and the bedroom for him,” says Chuck Butler.

The Butler Family has started a GoFundMe to help with the expensive modifications to the home,  but say they are in need of prayers-more than anything.

“Times are tough for everybody. If people cannot donate, we highly understand. If people share it and say one prayer we are grateful for that. I’d much rather have people’s prayers than any amount of money. That helps comfort our family and helps recover my dad,” says Chuck Butler. 

To find a link to the Butler Family GoFundMe click here

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