Local Businesses Pivoting to “Subscription Box” Services

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As the pandemic forces many of us to adapt to the new normal, local small businesses have been adapting too.

With subscription boxes, customers can ensure they get the things they want and need, while keeping their distance and staying safe.

Not to mention, they’ll be providing these local businesses with reliable income in these uncertain times.

Maria Key, leading stylist and manager at Electric Blue in Chattanooga, says that the move to start their subscription box service just made sense for the times.

“When the pandemic hit last year, Anita and I were discussing how we were going to do something to get to our clients that needed clothing and wanted to shop but we just thought it would be interesting to do a blue box. We ship eight to ten items to people. I figure out what they might like, what their sizes are, we have a sheet that we have them fill out. Actually, we email it to them,” says Key.

Key says that while she enjoys coming to work every day, she doesn’t see the subscription model going away anytime soon.

“I love the brick and mortar because I love to come to work every single day and get to be around the clothes and the people and interact. But also I think online is very important with where we’re going in the upcoming years,” she says.

Many of Chattanooga’s local businesses, including Mad Priest Coffee Roasters, say that subscription based services have become a lifeline for them during the pandemic.

“Subscriptions are very important to all small businesses right now that have opportunities to give subscriptions, we’re grateful for that. We start at like 13 bucks for a seven day subscription, fifteen for a thirty day subscription, and what it does is it keeps our business alive,” says Operations Manager, Vincent Malveaux.

Malveaux says that their subscriptions have been a hit, and that even in post pandemic times, they’ll continue to build their online presence.

“We have built relationships with our subscribers and just our online presence is becoming more noticed. So yeah, I truly believe that in the years to come that it’s just going to get better,” he says.

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