Local company takes high-end bicycles to the White House

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The American Bicycle Group crafts thousands of upscale bicycles every year.

With the work of 45 employees, they pump out titanium Litespeed bikes, carbon Quintana Roo triathlon bikes, and carbon Ocoee mountain and gravel bikes at their facility in Chattanooga.

“We paint it, sand it, procure it, market it, make our own videos here, our own photography here. We do everything, now, here,” American Bicycle Group CEO Peter Hurley said.

Next week, the group will be rolling their iconic titanium Litespeed bikes to the White House.

They were invited to represent Tennessee in President Trump’s annual “Made in America” showcase.

“We’re absolutely delighted and excited as an overall company,” Hurley said.

Hurley said that the company has been American-made for 35 years.

But, three years ago they grew efforts to make more in the U.S.

Hurley said that they moved into a larger facility and brought nearly everything they were doing in Asia, here.

“We knew that we had the ability to turn around and customize bicycles for our athletes, where our competition that was much larger and buying product in from Asia, had a turn around time of a year we thought that if we brought that cycle down to a three month, two month period of time, we’d have an advantage in the market place,” Hurley said.

Chattanooga is an outdoor geared town.

And, that’s helped it be a good fit for the boutique bike company.

“The outdoor riding is fantastic. We’re able to ride bicycles all year long, train, workout, the Ironmans here now, we’re very big part of that, we have teams and clubs come in here,” Hurley said.  “And the outpouring has been wonderful. So we’ve very much been apart of the track club or the triathlon club or the bike clubs here and it’s helped us design and modify products.”

The American Bicycle Group caters to several pro athletes.

They have even helped NASA once by manufacturing titanium components for a Mars Rover.

The “Made in America” showcase is on Monday.


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