Local Haunted Houses react to the Mckamey Manor extreme haunt.

MCDONALD, Tenn (WDEF) – It’s billed as an extreme haunt attraction, survival horror challenge and now there is a renewed effort to close it.

Haunted houses nationwide are meant to give you a good scare.

But some people are saying this Tennessee haunted attraction is a torture chamber in disguise.

More than 60 thousand people have signed a petition on change dot org to shut down the Mckamey Manor in SummerTown, Tn.

One local haunted attraction says Mckamey Manor has gone too far and it shouldn’t be legal.

“To us it is not a haunted house, it is a torture chamber really,” says Ethan Whaley, barn manager at the Haunted barn.

The extreme haunt can last up to 10 hours and can do things such as remove your hair, nails, and teeth.

Owner of Mckamey Manor says its just a game.

“What gets people so freaked out is the films i make, but is it smoke and mirrors? of course it is,”says Russ Mckamey, owner of the Mckamey Manor.

the District Attorney of Lawrence county says none of it is illegal.

The entry fee? a bag of dog food.

There is a 40 page waiver that is required for you to go through the house, you also have to have a background check, physical, and pass a drug test.”

A 20 thousand dollar reward is given to anyone who can make it through.

But no one has.

Whaley says you shouldn’t come out of a haunted house hurt just a little spooked.

“We just believe in having a good time, we believe in scary people to death but all at a good fun,”says Whaley.

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