Local impact from Johnson and Johnson’s COVID vaccine

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- After multiple places running out of, or rarely getting access to the COVID vaccines, Pharmacist Jacob Standefer with Access family Pharmacy said this additional vaccine is a huge step.

“Hopefully this is going to open up more accessibility to the vaccine. We haven’t had any news yet but it’s just been approved so hopefully we are going to be hearing something this week,” said Standefer.

Johnson and Johnson’s single dose vaccine isn’t as effective as Pfizer or Moderna.

However, Hamilton County health department says this vaccine is still very effective in preventing moderate to severe disease. Standefer echoes that same sentiment.

“Even though it is less effective than Madonna and Pfizer it is still very effective at preventing severe cases of COVID, so those that cause hospitalization. So that’s the most important thing,” said Standefer.

They also recommend getting any of the vaccines and not waiting until a different vaccine is available.

“Let’s be honest, right now we can’t be that selective. Until vaccine supply is at every pharmacy, doctors office, and clinic people need to take what they can get,” said Standefer.

Hamilton County Health Department announced today it will no longer be COVID testing at Alston on Wednesdays. This is meant to add additional resources to vaccination sites.

Johnson and Johnson vaccine is the only single-dose vaccine available in the U.S. which should expedite the process.

“With the follow up, you’re not going to do as much as that, we’re going to have another vaccine out there. Hopefully supply will increase and will be able to get it to all the providers who want to vaccinate. You’ll be able to vaccinate more people you won’t have to worry about scheduling and that kind of thing with follow up,” said Standefer.

Hamilton County Health department said it doesn’t anticipate getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

It said this is because the logistics of handing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are so much easier and the health department believes initially it will go to smaller community providers.

HCHD does not know the potential number of doses for other community providers at this time.

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