Local Organizations & KFC help feed students during Spring Break

Hamilton County, Tenn (WDEF)-Some families in our area depend on schools to help feed their children.

But Hamilton County faculty, staff, and community groups have refused to let their students go hungry, even during spring break.

Chattanooga based ‘We Over Me’ group and Redemptions to the Nations Church are partnering with Kentucky Fried Chicken to help provide hot meals to students all over Hamilton County.

“This is a time that we all have to come together as a community and help each other out. We are serving 2 piece meals, from each of the restaurants. We are giving away 100 meals at each of our locations so 500 meals,“ says Rafael Hernandez, KFC operating partner.

Pastor at Redemptions to the Nations Church says he believes Chattanooga is stronger because of this pandemic.

“Synergy and teamwork is simply saying ‘A whole is greater than some of its parts’ and I have discovered that to be true in Chattanooga. When the people of Chattanooga get together and work together, we can accomplish more together rather than separately” says Gary Keylon, Shared Minister at Redemptions To The Nations Church.

The “We Over Me” organization says they chose each location based on how well the community has access to food. 

“We have a map. Hamilton County Schools have a layer, the YMCA has a layer, we have a layer and so do some other people. So, we could actually saturate our county and not duplicate services. We were able to pick the sites we picked county wide but, actually in areas like Highway 58. That is a corridor that doesn’t have a lot of pantries and things like that,”says Lakweshia Ewning, with We over Me.

Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, on Ringgold Road, is just one of the many locations “We Over Me” and KFC are offering free food pick ups.

Each day of the week is centered in a different part of Hamilton County to make sure that they serve families from all over.

The meals are served from 4 pm to 6pm and any child living in Hamilton County is eligible for a free meal.

Parents do not have to have the children present to receive a meal.


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