Local Pastor Claims he was Assaulted by a Neighboring Pastor

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – Two local pastors don’t seem to be getting along very well, after butting heads this weekend.

Alfred Johnson has been the pastor at Church of the First Born for more than 30 years now, and said he noticed things slowly began to change about 15 years ago, when Calvary Chapel moved in next door.

The pastor claims Calvary Chapel began purchasing most of the property around his small church, forcing his congregation to find parking blocks away. However, when Pastor Johnson, and others, took to the streets to protest, he said that’s when things turned ugly.

“You know I was peacefully marching,” said Pastor Johnson, “One of their pastors assaulted me. Now this is not just my word, (people) actually witnessed it. He punched me in my chest a couple of times, and then he pushed me with his fingers, two fingers pushed me. This is no exaggeration.”

According to Pastor Johnson, nearly half a dozen Chattanooga police officers were called on scene, and the incident was defused, but the pastor said he’s still in shock, “It was quite an experience, quite an experience.”

Officials with Calvary Chapel declined to comment on camera, but did say the incident was simply a huge misunderstanding, adding that God knows the truth.

However, Pastor Johnson said he would like an apology from the Pastor who assaulted him, and would like for the Calvary Chapel to start showing his congregation more respect.

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