Local pastors react to Ed Litton winning SBC election

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – After a contentious election, the Southern Baptist Convention has elected a new leader.

Ed Litton was elected president by just over 50 percent in a runoff
election against Mike Stone.

“I think the Convention has just dodged a bullet,” says Chattanooga Baptist pastor, Steve Caudle.

If elected, Caudle says Stone would have alienated African American churchgoers.

Caudle thinks electing Litton, who was endorsed by the first Black
president of the SBC, is a step in the right direction for the

“This could set the stage for some racial healing. It may allow for
some dialogue that needs to happen,” he says.

“I’m praying for Ed, that he’ll be a great unifier, and that we can
come together very much like we have locally here in Chattanooga,
Hamilton County,” says Abba’s House senior pastor, Ronnie Phillips.

Abba’s House is a local Southern Baptist congregation.

Phillips supports the direction that the convention’s new leadership
is taking.

“Christian people aren’t interested in all the theological debates,” says Phillips.

Instead, Phillips says Christians are more focused on faith and ways
they can serve.

“They want to know how they can serve their community, serve Jesus,
love their families, get through a pandemic. They’re not interested in
all of our arguments,” he says.

He thinks that right now, the future, of both the Convention and the
church, looks bright.

“I believe the church is healthy, the church is alive. It’s best days
are ahead of it. I just hope as Baptists, we’re a part of the future.
I hope we’ll choose our faith over the fight,” says Phillips.

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