Local politicians react to Russia-Ukraine conflict

Both men against Russian aggression, hope for peaceful resolution

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin formally recognized both Luhansk and Donetsk as independent territories from Ukraine, sparking worldwide outrage.

President Biden responded with new sanctions on Russia, calling Putin’s actions “blatant violations of international law” on Twitter.

In Dalton, U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff spoke on the matter, saying that regardless of what happens, he doesn’t want to see American boots on the ground.

“I oppose the involvement of the US military in this conflict, but will be working with the Biden administration to determine what economic and diplomatic costs should be imposed on the Russian Federation for this act of military aggression,” Ossoff said.

Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann further called Russia’s actions a “great cause of concern for the Ukrainians, the United States and the world.”

“Any time there is aggression by one country against another, as Russia is doing against Ukraine, we always worry about the other effects,” Fleischmann said. “Will it escalate? So any time we have aggression like this, it needs to be condemned.”

Despite the current unknowns, Fleischmann has hope for Ukraine.

While he said “the world needs to stand up,” the Congressman called on President Biden and the United States to “be strong” and firmly stand against Russian aggression.

“The United States is the beacon of freedom,” Fleischmann said. “I know as a member of the House and my friends in the Senate are going to stand strong against Russian aggression. It needs to be stopped and stopped now.”

Tuesday afternoon, President Biden officially announced sanctions against Russia that will “cut off Russia’s government from Western financing.”

CBS News also reported that the U.S. is moving its forces in Europe to the NATO countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Biden says the moves are completely defensive and that, quote, “we have no intention of fighting Russia.”

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