Local pro-life nonprofit offers help to pregnant women following SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – It has been just shy of two weeks since the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade and local Non-profit Foundation House Ministries is preparing for an influx of calls. The nonprofit offers several alternatives to abortion. The Foundation House is the only maternity home in the region that provides financial, emotional, and physical support to pregnant women or women with newborns who struggle with addiction, homelessness, and joblessness and Founder Suzanne Burns says calls have already increased.

“But now it’s so much more intense between the pandemic between all of the things that have come out of that since then. Because, of the economic situation that we’re in right now and then you add in the the understanding that really there is not as much access to abortions thankfully as there were prior,” said Burns

Daramie Craigmiles came to the ministry amidst a battle with drug addiction and after the birth of her daughter. She said it’s the community and support that she found in The Foundation House that gave her hope.

“’I’m a recovering addict, and I had my first child on January 29. I had a little girl and she didn’t get to come home with me from the hospital. I have a family, but they don’t really understand where I’m coming from. So at the foundation house, I’m surrounded with girls who’ve been through what I’ve been through, you know, who can relate to me and who who’ve overcome the challenges that I’m facing, and can help me along,” said Craigmiles

Foundation House Ministries provides parenting classes, basic social services, and baby supplies for free. For information on how to support their mission visit foundationhouseministries.org

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