Local Reaction to Presidential Debate: Clinton vs. Trump

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Senator Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now officially have one debate behind them, and while many of you at home seemed excited to watch, there were plenty of others who weren’t too happy at all.

“I think she did amazing. I think she’s more qualified in every way, and she showed that tonight.”

“I think he did well. He’s been a public person for a very very long time, but not a politician, and I was very proud of him.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just took the stage for their first national debate, and local political party supporters on both sides say they’re convinced their candidate will win this election.

“Hillary Clinton has the experience and steadiness to bring people together, and get real results. Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be President.”

“I’m confident that he will win, but this has been an election that so many people are fearful to say, I’m for Donald Trump and I don’t understand that.”

But not everyone was happy with tonight’s debate.
John Cobb, President of the North West Georgia Libertarian Party says his group supports the third candidate, Gary Johnson.

“There’s 62 percent of Americans that want a third voice on the stage, and they’re not getting their voices heard, and instead we’re having to listen to the two people with the most unfavorable ratings in modern history talk at each other, while the one sane individual that could keep it alive on the stage is being omitted simply because their afraid of him. For the two party system they don’t want a third voice.”

Cobb and his group are among millions of Americans protesting tonight’s debate in hopes of bringing more awareness to Johnson. In fact, an online petition began circulating months ago demanding Johnson be allowed to debate on stage with Clinton and Trump.

“We want to bring another voice and help keep the politicians honest and make them run some better candidates. Gary Johnson believes in staying out of your pocket book and out of your bedroom. He wants to be fiscally responsible, but also socially liberal in a way that includes more people.”

The second National Debate is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 4th.

Organizers with the North West Georgia Libertarian Party say they plan to protest that debate as well.

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