Local Reaction to Race Relation Poll

A CBS and New York Times poll released Monday says 61 percent of Americans believe race relations in the U.S. are "bad".

This is the highest figure in nearly 25 years.

"I think in the last ten years, race relations have deteriorated significantly," said Chattanooga City Councilman Moses Freeman.

President Obama remarked Monday on the deeper issues that events in Ferguson and Baltimore reveal.

"In too many places in this country, black boys and black men, latino boys and latino men, experience being treated differently by law enforcement," said Obama. "In stops, in arrests, in charges and in incarcerations."

Opinions amongst white Americans dropped most sharply with only 35 percent finding race relations poor in February compared to 62 percent this month.

News 12 spoke with people in Chattanooga to see if that national poll reflected race relations in their town.

"Look at us together," said Tasha of Chattanooga, standing next to Sara Ballard.

"Yes, I don’t really see that it’s a big problem here," agreed Ballard. "I love Tasha and I will continue to love her."

"My friends and I aren’t racist and I don’t associate with people that are," said Chandler Robinson of Atlanta.

"Everywhere I go I see black people and white people getting along," said Zach Bradley of Calhoun, Ga. "Mixed races, sports. It’s everywhere so it kind of takes me off guard that people actually think black people and white people don’t get along."

If the national and local polls reveal anything, it’s that there is hope and room to grow.

"I honestly believe that race relations would improve dramatically if people began to talk with one another and have some intimate understanding of the problem," said Freeman.

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