Local restaurant raising money for Chattanooga fire victim

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Roy Harden, 65, of Chattanooga may have lost every thing he owned in a house fire. But he never lost the friends who have rushed to his aid.

24-hours after a fire gutted his rental home in the 2600 block of Glass Street, friends and co-workers of Harden began taking donations to help him rebound.

For more than 10-years, Harden has worked  as cook at Armando’s Restaurant on Highway 58. When the restaurant owners realized he barely escaped a house fire wearing only a pair of underwear and a t-shirt, they immediately set up a money and clothing drive in his name.

"We’ll we’re just trying to collect clothes and any donations to help him get started," said Armando’s Owner Ken Land.

Co-owner Charlsie Land did her best to hold back tears when talking about the man who reportedly lost everything.

"At that age, you’re ready to start slowing down and do to start over is just hard," Charlsie Land said. She further went on to explain why Harden’s situation was so personal for her.

"To me fire is has always been my fear. So to know somebody who’s been here for more than 10 years and lost everything is just sad," she said.

Shortly before 4:30 am on Wednesday, Harden woke up to the sound of breaking glass then discovered his home was on fire. Harden had to escape out the back door because the front door was block by intense flames. The home he was renting and his cars were destroyed. Harden was left with nothing but the clothes on his back.

"So we’re just wanting the community to come by and make a donation. We’re trying to help him maybe be able to get a down payment for a car or something so he can continue on," Ken Land said.

Moments after WDEF finished talking to Ken and Charlsie Land, Harden walked through the door wearing donated clothes and smile on his face. Every co-workers in the restaurant greeted him with a tearful hug.

The former army veteran who just lost everything in a flash was very quiet but thankful to have people who care.

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