Local Thrift Store Hacked

Thrift stores are famous for their incredibly low prices on used merchandise.

Often running ministries on the side, these businesses are well known for helping the most underserved and low income in a community.

Recently, a thrift store in Red Bank was robbed of hundreds of dollars and just Friday it was announced the major retailer America’s Thrift Store was the victim of a credit card hacking.

"An Eastern European criminal gang accessed our information systems through a third party provider and from September 1st through September 27th they had access to credit card numbers of shoppers who used either a credit card or debit card during that period of time," said America’s Thrift Store CEO Ken Sobaski.

And Red Bank Thrift Store reported the robbery of a donation jar from their counter last Monday.

The owner describes the sadness he felt when this customer stole from him.

"If the guy needed anything, even if he needed gas money, some clothes or whatever, I would’ve been glad to help hi," said Daniel Shoats who owns Red bank Thrift Store. "He just had to ask for it, not just take it."

Though no suspect is in custody, Shoats says the Red Bank police is following leads.

He also says after media coverage of the robbery, he is grateful to a public that has more than replaced the donated funds.

America’s Thrift Store operates seven ministries and pays four million dollars to non-profits annually so these crimes can seem really senseless.

"When something like this happens to violate your business and create this kind of risk, it cuts right to the heart of what your about and what your purpose is as a company," said Sobaski.

Sobaski also said experts worked around the clock to completely clean the company’s system of the virus that caused the hacking.

He urges all customers to check their bank accounts and to report anything amiss.

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