Locals voice their opinion on speeding cameras

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – David Wyke has lived on Barton Ave., with his family, for a little more than 10 years now, and said he remembers when the very first speed camera was installed back in 2007.

But pretty soon they’ll be a thing of the past, after a bill was passed in April by Tennessee lawmakers. The new law bans the use of all unmanned speed cameras, with the exception of Hixon Pike’s S-curves and school zones.

"On certain streets… I think those cameras are needed actually," said Wyke, "The busier the street I think probably those cameras are not a bad idea."

While there are many out there, like Wyke, who say they love the idea of a camera sitting on their street, there are also plenty out there who don’t think they do very much to slow down traffic.

"I think they make people think twice, I just don’t know if they’re very effective," said local resident Jeff Turner, who also lives near a camera, "Because you know roughly where the cameras are, and there’s a good quarter mile stretch in between them. You can see and hear the cars going by, and they’re not going the speed limit."

In fact, Turner said depending on the time of day, most people in that area avoid walking even on the sidewalk, "Cause traffic is so fast, and the side walks are so narrow, it’s a little dangerous. You don’t walk two by two on the sidewalks."

Last year alone, the city made more than $680,000 from speed cameras, and for the past two years, more than 50,000 citations were issued. The cameras on Barton Ave. have already been disabled, but the others won’t be taken down until March 2017.

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