How long has it been since we had a white Christmas?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Once again, no white Christmas for the Tennessee Valley.

The upper midwest will get plenty of snow this year, but not the southeast.

But that’s not surprise.

We’ve only had 6 Christmas day snows (with more than a trace) since they began keeping records in the 1800’s.

The last was six years ago, before that 27 years back.

1. 1969 with 5.1″
2. 2010 with 2.5″
3. 1909 with 1.2″
4. 1989 with 0.3″
5. 1913 with 0.1″
6. 1899 with 0.1″

In fact, there is a greater chance of a tornado striking the southeast on Christmas Day than snow falling in Chattanooga.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

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