Lorie Nida Gets Students To Use Their Whole Brain in Her Classroom

What Lorie Nida lacks in experience, she makes up for in ideas and attitude.  Now in her third year of teaching, Nida seems to be hitting her groove.  "I do put a lot of hard work into it.  I take pride in this and want my kids to learn and do well."

Nida utilizes the whole brain method of teaching in her class.  "Which is where the kids do more than I do and talk more than I talk, so a lot of turn to your partner and talk to your partner.  We do this thing called mirror, where I tell them the definition and they repeat it back to me."

She says the brain works like a muscle.  The more it has to do, the more its able to learn.  Student Kateline Stephenson says "she lets us do fun things and lets us do center."  Student Asa Casteel says his favorite part of the day is "science.  I love it. Its so fun."

Nida says "we grow plants, or we’ll go outside and do a walk to find living and non living things.  We did a solar system study about day and night so we actually painted the solar system."

She also works with students to visualize responses, a process that helps with reading and reasoning.

For example, during this poem about a neighbor’s pet, students think about the clues left by the author, before learning what kind of animal the story was about.  While some originally thought it was a dog, the animal turned out to be a crocodile.  "Understanding from the text that you can make a picture in your mind.  And when you make a picture in your mind, you understand the story better and what the author is trying to tell you," Nida says.

Parents also give Nida high marks for keeping them informed and posting lessons, group presentations, and other activities on her website.

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