LOST LOVE LETTER: Walmart Associate hopes to reunite a 64-year-old letter from military serviceman to his “honey”

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) – A Walmart Associate hopes to reunite a 64-year-old letter with it’s recipient. It was written by a military serviceman Max to his “honey” Martha Young.

It was a 4 page love letter that sparked this search.

Two Walmart associates are hoping that through this story that you’ll see first on News 12, they can help reunite it with the family and get an update on this sweet love story.

Jennifer Hendrix says, “You see movies like ‘message in a bottle’ and you wonder ‘Can you be that attached to a letter?’ and then, these letters came into my hands and I’m connected.”

Connected to the story of Max and Martha.

This letter was postmarked on July 30th, 1954. It was found on floor of this Dalton Neighborhood Walmart.

“Actually these letters were found by an associate ours his name is Dakota and he happens to be in the National Guard. He just left for deployment. He was really wanting to find these letters and they landed in my hands,” says Hendrix.

A guardsman who knows the importance of every handwritten communication back home.

After he left, Jennifer Hendrix took on the task to handover this letter. The letter talks about his dreams to come home in 15 days and ask Martha’s parents for her hand in marriage.

“It’s something that we only dream about most days with our social media and the fast pace of the world and I want to know the story behind them and I want to reunite someone with the piece of their heart that is obviously missing,” says Hendrix.

The letter reads “I ran out of paper and had to borrow some. Hope you can read this. Take care of yourself honey and stay sweet and remember I love you. Good night sweetheart. Lots of love Maxx.”

Hendrix says this is a love like no other.

She says, “I want to find the owners of this letter so bad. I want to reunite someone with these letters and even more than that I want them to realize that this is a 64-year-old love story. This is someone who has held on to these letters for 64 years and that type of love is untouchable.”

“I’m so excited, we need to find them.”

“It’s important to me because obviously whoever these belong to have held onto these since 1954 so a piece of their soul has to be missing, a piece of their heart and with the holidays coming up it’s just really important to me there we can make that connection again.”

“I think it’s easier to go on social media and just make your post and say what you have to say and sit behind a computer screen but when you pour out into a letter that takes effort. And then you have to mail it, and you have to put your emotions into it so it’s more of an effort than to just sit behind a computer screen or a phone screen.”

She says it gave her an old-school feel. Hendrix says, “he’s talking about he can’t wait to get home to marry her and he mentions if your parents are OK with that.”

Hendrix says it reminded her of the Babara and George Bush love story.

She says she say a picture of Barbara sitting on the steps of the White House and saying how she used to wait for him on the steps for him to come home. Hendrix says it is kind of like that.

“You have the lady in this picture waiting for her soldier to come home.”

Ultimately, she says she would love more than anything to sit down with the family of these letters and “I just want to know your story, I want to know your love, I want to see where it is today and what is going on in your life today.”





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