‘Love without Reason’ helping less fortunate

For some in developing countries, medical care is scarce and is often deadly.

That’s why one Tennessee Valley family creates an organization to help spread ‘Love without Reason.’

10 years ago, the Mathews family started an organization to offer craniofacial surgeries, to patients in developing countries, free of charge.

The idea is inspired by their son, who has Goldenhar syndrome.
Since then, the group completed over 300 medical procedures and expands over two continents.

It hasn’t always been easy for the Mathews family.

‘Love without Reason’ Founder and President Susan Mathews explains that, “because of our journey with Philip, our son, he was born with Goldenhar syndrome.”

Mathews says because of the care their son received, he’s overcome many mental and physical obstacles, who now does not rely on special assistance.
They want to share their story, and help others less fortunate.

It started in India, where medical care is scarce, especially in rural areas.
A culture not as forgiving, to those born with mental and physical disabilities.

“A lot of them are ostracized. The parents are considered to be a curse. My motivation is to also go to the parents,” says President and CEO of ‘Love without Reason’ Santhosh Mathews.

“We’ve also found that children born like this with Philip’s same condition are sold into human trafficking rings. They’re sold into networks whether it’s sex trafficking or child labor or even for organ harvesting.”

Mathew’s son, Philip, is an integral part of this journey.

“I spoke to the parents and I showed them my pictures and I said to them, ‘you know, I was like this before. Here I am now. Your child is not going to het hurt. These doctor’s are awesome.”

In a few weeks, two dozen people, including medical crew and volunteers, will take their first trip to Zimbabwe.
There, they’ll complete 60 surgeries in six days.

Each mission costs over $80,000 and relies on volunteers.
Philip Mathews is writing a book called, ‘Until the World is Cleft Free.’

Fashion Show & Celebrity Walk-Off Event:
When: Oct 21, 2017, 6PM
Where: Chattanooga Choo Choo

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When: Sept 23,2017, 8AM
Where: Enterprise South Nature Park





Mailing address:
Love Without Reason
P.O. Box 21009
Chattanooga, TN 37424

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