Low unemployment could mean seasonal hiring struggles

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As the holiday season approaches retailers and companies are beginning to hire temporary help, but low unemployment rates could hinder their hiring.

Both Georgia and Tennessee’s unemployment rates are below 4%.

This means there are less people to fill jobs as they become available.

Tennessee Department of Labor estimates the ratio of available jobs to unemployed people is almost 1 to 1.

As employers seek to hire for their holiday shopping crowds, they have a smaller pool of applicants.

Merri Mai Williamson, president of SHRM Chattanooga says this means employers often try and steal employees.

“Any time unemployment is low it makes it incredibly diffiuclt for human resource professionals to find good workers. Most of the time they are poaching them from other employers, because the people who want to be employed and are employable already have positions,” said Williamson.

Another issue is companies are looking for full time hires, while some people are only seeking temporary work.

Online sales have had little effect on holiday job opportunities even though more people shop from their couch than from the mall.

Experts say companies like Amazon are creating jobs at an even pace with retail stores as they also need extra hands around the holidays.

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