Maclellan Island Gets Grant for New Improvements

Maclellan island has some exciting new improvements coming this summer.

Maclellan Island is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts being in the middle of the Tennessee River.

“It’s kind of a destination especially in the spring and summer on the weekends. It’s well used by the paddling community,” says Darlene Carlson, Executive Director for Chattanooga Audubon Society.

Improvements will come in two phases.

The first phase that will happen this summer is the development of educational signs, installing new bathrooms, cleaning up the trails, and dock repairs.

“You should start seeing improvements definitely within the next month or two. There’s already been improvements done. So the educational signage which is getting developed now will probably be put up in 2022 along with the big thing, picnic tables and benches, that will come out in the second half,” continues Carlson.

“I definitely can say it’s a long time coming, we’re super excited about it. I know definitely locals and tourists alike will probably very excited as well. People that come and rent with us are always asking what there’s to do once they paddle out there, so I think this will be a great new attraction,” says Mackenzie with L2 Outside.

“It’ll even make Maclellan Island safer for people. Maybe they’ll clear some of the poison ivy, maybe make some of the trails cleaner as well,” says Luke with L2 Outside.

The Chattanooga Audubon Society owns and preserves the island.

The society received a forty two thousand dollar grant from the Maclellan foundation for these new additions.

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