Major fire at refugee camp in Germany has neighbors worried about terrorism

DUSSELDORF, Germany (WDEF) – The city of Dusseldorf Germany has been on edge since an ISIS cell was uncovered by French investigators.

Now an apparently accidental fire next to a refugee camp on Tuesday had citizens fearing the worst.

The fire at at trade fairground sent a plume of smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

News reports say all refugees were evacuated in time to avoid loss of life.

There is an international publishing trade fair going on at the site of the fire, so there were several panicked social media posts.

70 firefighters are involved in containing the blaze.

Last week, Le Monde newspaper in Paris reported that there were 20 ISIS sleepers in Dusseldorf and a Dutch refugee center.

The Germans then arrested a handful of suspects.

Here are some of the social media posts today from Dusseldorf.

Natasa Kalmár


“When 4 ISIS members are arrested for planning an attack in the town you’re working in, then there’s a terror threat on site a few days later shutting down a few buildings at our conference and then there’s this…. Just a coincidental fire next to the grounds but holy s*** did people freak out

Artur Karpiuk

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