March Madness 2019: NC State AD Debbie Yow releases statement on NCAA Tournament snub

RPI may be out, but the ghost of its controversies remain. The NCAA introduced “NET” for this season, a new metric to evaluate teams come bracket setting time, but NC State being left off of the bracket has some people scratching their heads. Specifically, Wolfpack AD Debbie Yow, who said that under the new evaluation process the Wolfpack should not be one of the first teams left out.

Yow released a statement through NC State’s communications department on NC State’s snub.

As Yow mentions, NET relies “game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, net offensive and defensive efficiency and the quality of wins and losses” to determine which teams get nods. Yow goes on to mention the Wolfpack’s rankings in NET and other metrics. The team was 33rd in the NET.

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Yow concluded by saying that “we are disappointed for our athletes, coaches and fans that our total body of work was not rewarded with selection to the NCAA Tournament.”

Yow did mention that NC State was 179th in strength of schedule, which may well have been the tipping point for a 22-11 team that was 9-9 in-conference. While we don’t know what conversations are had behind closed doors, it’s not unreasonable to think that in this case, the strength of schedule trumped NET for NC State.

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