Mario Hezonja blocks LeBron James to give Knicks a win over Lakers in Madison Square Garden

Mario Hezonja is at it again. Earlier in the season, he made headlines by stepping over Giannis Antetokounmpo after Antetokounmpo missed a block from behind. On Sunday he made a play that actually justified a staredown. With time winding down and the Knicks up by one over the Lakers, LeBron James tried to muscle his way inside, only to be stuffed by Hezonja.

The block gave the Knicks a 124-123 win at home, and Hezonja is continuing his reign of terror over superstars. He gave James a glare after the block for good measure, just before DeAndre Jordan jumped onto his back.

It’s a fun win for the Knicks, who still hold the NBA‘s worst record, and another low in a season of lows for not only the Lakers, but James as well. The Lakers are now 31-38, 11th in the Western Conference, and it looks like James will miss the playoffs as an individual for the first time since the 2004-05 season.

Hezonja plays with a bit of a complex, and it shows on plays like this. However, he unarguably earned the staredown on Sunday, as he gave the Knicks their 15th win of the season with a huge defensive play.

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