The Masters Life 2019 – Day 3

Hi. I’m Mike Anthony. And this is The Masters Life.

Well, we’re here at Augusta National Golf Club.  And while every year the best golfers in the world come here to compete, for a lot of people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk the grounds where the best golfers do.  I’m here with Trey Sutter – one of the people who’s making a first pilgrimage to Augusta.

If you could, just talk a little bit about the opportunity, how you came about it to get here today.

Absolutely. I had a friend that happened to have some tickets.  Had a work event and couldn’t make it. So last week we, me and my girlfriend, decided we would make the seven and a half hour trip and it’s absolutely worth it. Definitely worth it.

And I know you said you’ve watched it on TV. People say it doesn’t compare. What were your first impressions walking through those gates and seeing the course.

How well manicuredeverything is. The greens, the fairways, the tee boxes. Absolutely immaculate condition. Just looks perfect right now.

Is there a certain thing that was really over the top more than you could have expected.

Honestly the greens and how fast they were. They’re rolling probably like 16 on the stiimpmeter, which is ridiculous. Almost like glass.

And aside from the course … the amenities. I saw you had a chance to visit the pro shop. The overall experience – how would you rate it?

The merchandise ship is fantastic.  There’s definitely a lot of things you could spend your money on in there.  The food is great.  Got a sausage biscuit this morning for breakfast.  Looking forward to getting a barbecue sandwich when we get back in there. Just the atmosphere is really unbeatable.

Well, Trey, one of the many people willing to make the drive and get that item checked off the bucket list. We’ll let you get back to your Augusta National experience. Thanks for joining us.

Thanks, sir. Appreciate it.

And for The Masters Life, this is Mike Anthony.

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